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Purchased Amore Bay in Mid April. Starting getting a high level heat sensor error. The dealer has replaced the sensor probe three times, the circulation pump twice and the Control panel. They have no idea why the error will not go away. They have been in touch several times with the D1 tech department and still no solution. You can't get in touch with anyone at D1. You send emails they go without a response. We have paid good money for a spa that we can't use. I would not recommend D1 to anyone. We are going to pursue legal action under the warranty to have the entire spa replaced.

Frustrated, Jacksonville Florida

Monetary Loss: $14.

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just like cars you might have purchased a lemon - it happens -

ours has minor stuff - 3 years old -

upper control panel keeps fogging up- lights and parts in water are not holding up-

are you cleaning that little screen under your filters? I didn't even know about those -

also how is the water in your location ? Well?

Heavy Lime?

Reverse Osmosis system on your house (99.9% pure) my dad owned and started a water distillation company (over 30 years ago - ) sold water distillers to grocery stores before bottle water was just beginning to hit the maps-

You 1st need a water softener system - then the reverse osmosis system or water distillation unit -

you can't put just softened water in your tub (because of the salt) we use our hose water from our well - but........

reverse osmosis and distilled water will keep all of the lines to the pumps clean (no corrosion)

my dentist has the system on his tools ( pure water going through the plumbing - which in turn increase the pump life -

anyways -

it could be your water -


Dimension 1 Spa has responded and provided quality service to my total satisfaction. Their continuous follow up gives me assurance they will go out of their way to satisfy the customer.

I have also received a follow up from Ace Hardware on the service issue.

Happy in Jacksonville


have you heard from D1 technical support?


contact me. i just bought amore bay and having issues. marcoact76

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