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In Filter Mode the spa does not pull water through the filter. Virtually no suction.

For past three weeks I have sent photos and mpegs to the Dimension One service staff showing still water inside the filter ring while the spa is in Filter Mode. I had a Certified Dimension One tech come on site to verify the spa does not flow water into the filter. Dimension One's response was to remove the filter and submerge a white plastic shopping bag around the intake: if the submerged bag even slightly clings to the intake, there is no warranty claim.

This is of course a ridiculous test for water flow through a filter. Do not purchase a Dimension One Spa!

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1231596

If the water was restricted by the filter, it would shut down. Call me, Robert @ D1 810-523-5481


Dimension One Spas suck almost as much as dimension one dealers do.

Massachusetts, United States #858987

I just bought a D1 Journey about 2 months ago. Absolutely LOVE this spa.

Easy to use, crystal clear water, super relaxing, and the LED lights are really nice. I have owned 2 other larger spas in the past, and was concerned if I would be satisfied with a smaller 110 spa. A 110 spa does take longer to heat the water, about 18 hrs to go from 60 degrees to 102. But once up to temp, seems to hold it rather well.

We do have full blown foam insulation, so that really helps to maintain heat level, and keeping the electric bill very manageable. It's hard to find a quality smallish spa, that is under 6k in price.

I am very satisfied with this spa. No complaints.


My Dimension zone Amore Bay Spa has been down for over a month. One of the pumps is defective.

I've had this spa for less than a year. The spa is not useable because the new replacement pump which took two weeks to get is also defective and leaks water out of the tub. I've been waiting an additional 2 weeks to receive another pump and it's still not here. I would strongly recommend that you do not purchase a D1 Spa.

Customer support is poor.

Better off with the best. A Jacuzzi Spa.

to Charlie A Grosse Pointe, Michigan, United States #842474

Charlie - Call me direct @ 810-523-5481 Robert @ D1

to Charlie A Lehigh Acres, Florida, United States #948731

Charlie A - Please contact me at rrandall@d1spas.com

Detroit, Michigan, United States #652140

The Dimension One Journey Spa that you have is working, here is why - 1.) If there were no water going through the filter it would SHUT DOWN, because you would be starving the system. 2.) Water is pulled through the bottom intakes and the filter to move over 130 Gallons Per Minute through the system.

3.)I can prove this by lowering the water level to the point the water will "SURGE" when it is starving for water.

4.) You can put your hand into the filter area and not feel wery much because this spa is VGBA (Virginia Gramme Baker Act) approved with the safety suction drains in the footwell.

You will find with many spas (Marquis, Hot Springs, Sundace, Jacuzzi) that it may not appear to be SUCKING the water in, but all of these systems are designed to move the water quickly. IF was SUCKING IN QUICKLY, that would be an unsafe situation for children.

Are you using the VISION CARTRIDGE inside the filter area to keep the water clean? Please send me an email if you have any additional questions - rrandall@d1spas.com

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